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Post Election: 170 artists and counting

Democracy Is A Kind of Wilderness

Post Election: 170 artists and counting

449 Warren Street #3
Hudson, NY 12534

Opening day: Sat January 28: events begin at 3pm
Opening day: organized by Lauren Barnes & Shanekia McIntosh
Exhibit co-Organized by Kristen Dodge and Kate Gilmor

Exhibition Dates: January 28 - March 5, 2017
Gallery hours, Fri-Sun, 12-6pm
Exhibit co-Organized by Kristen Dodge and Kate Gilmore

The Dog Show

The Dog Show
Gallery 14
249 A St., Boston
January 7 - February 19, 2016

January 21, 2015, 5-7pm

The Possibles

The Possibles
Howard Yezerski Gallery
Sept 7-Oct 23, 2012

This series, titled The Possibles, explores the familiarity and strangeness inherent in abstraction, and the potential for simple shapes to trigger memories and emotions. Their first impression should be of simplicity, as when one recognizes a friend from far away by the distinctness of their shape alone, and one's first impression, uncompounded, is, "ah, that is X," and then comes the trickle of reflections, leading to thoughts no longer simple. So that to look again at X on the horizon, or to look again at the painting on the wall, would be to feel that while we may have only glimpsed a bit of matter, a shadow of something, we have also visited a place where image and energy alternately fuse and divide. My hope is to make tender but formidable, paradoxically harmonic paintings that may be inexplicable and yet speak.